1984 Kirie Elite 37 Pre-Purchase Survey

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KirieIt's fascinating to see what the French were designing at the time the US market was focused on J/35's, C&C's and other North American designs.  Kirie and Beneteau were designing similar boats that were, in some ways, ahead of their time.  The aft head and main bulkhead moved forward to create more space in the main cabin are key features of this design.  An aft cabin is a nice feature as well.

The main things to watch for on these boats are:

- The iron keel bolted to the bottom of the hull - the iron will rust, and the attachment to the hull might allow stagnant salt water to reach the keel bolts - setting up a possible crevice corrosion situation.

- The rudders are not terribly well built.  This boat had had its rudder replaced.  The original may have been wood - as on the Kirie Elite 32.

- Engine beds and prop strut - these have been problem issues on these boats - both had been worked on extensively on this boat.

- To their credit, the use of tie rods for the chainplates, rather than passing the chainplates through the deck to bolt to a bulkhead, creates a more watertight seal and less chance of chainplate corrosion or moisture penetrating deck core.

- In general, these have to be considered as coastal cruising boats - not necessarily a boat to take offshore.  They are not built that heavily, but have a lot of room and provide a lot of "boat" for the money.